Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday Finds

Happy Friday! It seems like forever since I've put together a Friday Finds post!!

What camp are you in - do you love coming back to work to a short week, or does it stress you out that there's so much to cram into fewer days? For me it really depends on the time of year and how many people were on vacation with me. Since basically my whole department seems to have taken off the week between Christmas and New Year's so my week back was actually not too bad. The really crazy thing is though that I realized I only have six weeks left before I go on maternity leave!! I've been working on a plan for how things will work while I'm away, but everything is feeling a lot more real now.

So on to the finds! I couldn't help but order those long sleeve pajamas for myself when they were on sale over Christmas. I have the short sleeve / shorts version and freaking love them, they're so soft and cozy. I'm figuring the button front will be great for breastfeeding. Or at least that's how I'm justifying buying another pair of pajamas for myself ;)

one (also available here) / two / three / four / five

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