Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Striped Cardigan

Sweater - Target / Maternity Tee - Old Navy / Maternity Leggings - Blanqi / Booties (also available here) - Steve Madden / Bag (similar) - Coach Factory / Necklace - Stella & Dot

Another week of sub-zero temperatures, another week of indoor photos! As you probably know, this has been my maternity go-to wardrobe lately - a tee shirt, my trusty maternity leggings, and a cardigan. 

I picked up this cardigan during a trip to Target last week, and honestly, I almost bought up the whole A New Day section, everything is so freaking cute!! I had been having a rough day between a bad night's sleep thanks to nightmares, being unable to get comfortable no matter what I tried, wanting to be done with the whole "being pregnant" thing, and being stuck inside due to the cold and ice - Mommy doesn't want to slip!  There may have been some tears involved. So I decided a Target binge was in order (plus a stop at the Starbucks in my store) and I really went for it, I came home with a ton of stuff for baby and the house plus a few treats for me ;) 

Of course, driving in the cold and ice turned out to be a mistake, because when I got back to the house Jeff and I both couldn't get the car back into the garage, even with me driving and him pushing! The alley was a mess thanks to snow and ice and deep tire rivets filled with slush and we were seriously stuck. I actually ended up running to CVS to grab a bag of kitty litter (since I remembered Red Foreman yammering about it on That '70s Show years ago - lolllll) and somehow while I was gone Jeff got it back in by himself. He says he just kept trying but I suspect neighborly intervention. Phew! 

Anyway, I probably shouldn't have taken that trip to Target, but I got this sweater out of the deal, so I'm still chalking it up to a win. 

Oh, and by the way, I officially hit 9 months pregnant this weekend! So ready for this baby girl to arrive - fingers crossed she comes just a little early!! 

Sweater - Target / Maternity Tee - Old Navy / Maternity Leggings - Blanqi / Booties (also available here) - Steve Madden / Bag (similar) - Coach Factory / Necklace - Stella & Dot

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