Thursday, January 3, 2019

December Budget

Every month I post about my clothing budget. My budget per month is $350, which may seem like a lot to some and a little to others, but feels just right for me. You can read my thoughts on my 2017 budget here.

And we're at the final budget post for 2018!! I'll be back next week with my thoughts on the budget for the full year, but for now we'll stick with December.

I feel like my budget posts are getting less and less interesting as I get more and more pregnant because really, I'm shopping way less than I used to. I'm at the point now where I'll see something is a great deal, but I don't want to buy it because I don't know what size I'll be next winter or whether I'll still want whatever it is. Case in point: the AMAZING sales that were going on at J.Crew in November/December. I really wanted to snag a new wool coat since they were at such good prices, but ultimately just bought some accessories instead.

I am super excited about the sherpa vest I snagged on sale though - how freaking cute is it?! Plus so cozy. I also finally took the plunge and ordered a piece of clothing from Amazon. I was expecting the quality to be terrible and for it to run really small, but I actually was pleasantly surprised! I ordered a large, and it fits perfectly over the bump (but will also be great post-baby).

So here's the damage for December:

Loft Sherpa Vest - originally $64.50, on sale $32.25. You can see where I wore this here, I've been wearing it on repeat since I got it and it's so freaking cozy! There are just a couple sizes left as I write this, but there's also a sweater version available.
J.Crew Leopard Hat - originally $29.50, on sale $14.75. This has been on my wishlist for a while so I was excited to pull the trigger, especially since I hear hats are a mom's best friend ;) This one might be a teeny bit too small for my giant head though, so I'm still unsure if I'm keeping it or not.
J.Crew Factory Plaid Shirt - originally $46.50, on sale $32.55, used rewards $27.55. I ordered this literally three months ago and it was on backordered until after Christmas! I actually had forgotten I even ordered it hahaha. But I'm glad I did, it's a cute, classic pattern that I'll be able to wear now (open over a tee) and will be great for breastfeeding too.
American Eagle Sweatshirt - originally $44.95, on sale $25.00. I bought this on a whim to wear over the holidays, and it was such a fun purchase!! It even won me the Christmas sweater contest at work (of course, I may have been the only contest participant not on the judging committee hahaha) and I wore it to parties and as my Christmas pajamas. I'll definitely be on the hunt for another fun Christmas sweater at the start of the next holiday season!
J.Crew Velvet Knot Hair Tie - originally $16.50, on sale $8.25. Yes, I bought myself a scrunchie. 1992 Kristina is very pleased. But really though, I love the concept of a hair bow, but love that this one is way easier to wear. I threw it in a few messy buns this holiday season to make them a little more festive, and will definitely be wearing it until spring decides to show it's face (you know, in May).
Amazon Striped Tee - $15.00. I've been wearing this a ton over the last month, it's such a good layering piece! Most tees are a little short for my taste (especially with the bump) but this is perfect for wearing over leggings and with longer cardigans. I'm contemplating snagging another color or two.

Total Spent: $127.80
Total Saved: $89.15

So way under budget for December! And I didn't really buy much in maternity either for the month so I'm feeling pretty good :) I did actually end up ordering the Madewell Zip-Top Transport Tote as a present for myself after Christmas with a giftcard and some Christmas money, but it's actually backordered until April!! So someday I'll have a new bag hahaha. There is also still a hole in my wardrobe I've been trying to fill - dressier black boots. Hoping I can find a pair that's cute and agrees with my super picky feet soon!

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