Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Little Pink for Valentine's Day

Maternity Tee and Coat (sold out noooo!) - Old Navy / Sweater (similar) - LOFT / Maternity Leggings - Blanqi / Boots - L.L.Bean / Bag (similar here and here) - Sole Society / Necklace - Target

I'm 38 weeks along this week - nine and a half months!! We temporarily thought we would be inducing next Monday and I was starting to get really excited about meeting baby girl, but we ended up not being able to get a spot. I guess we'll just keep waiting and see when she decides to make an appearance. You know, like every other baby in history ;) I've been feeling pretty uncomfortable for the last few weeks - I just don't think my torso is long enough to accommodate this little girl! But I still feel like I don't look as pregnant as I thought I would - I always figured my belly would be a lot bigger! (Jeff is at least humoring me by agreeing with that opinion haha ;) I just feel like people still don't always realize I'm pregnant! I literally was talking to a coworker last Friday about how I wouldn't be at an upcoming event, and he thought it was because I was taking a vacation. Like, no buddy, my maternity leave starts in a week ;) It probably doesn't help that it's sweater weather, all of the layers tend to cover things up. 

This is the time of year when I start getting bored with outfits in general (I'm pretty sure last February through April I just cycled through the same five sweaters every week) but having my maternity mix and match wardrobe of tees and layers is helping a little. A little pink and white are feeling perfectly pretty as we lead up to Valentine's Day. 

I'm not super into the holiday, and always struggle to decide what to do. I loved when we had a cute neighborhood restaurant across the street from us so we could just slush over there (usually in terrible Chicago winter weather) and escape all of the crowds and fighting for cabs and whatnot. This year, we're going to go a little low key - Jeff is going to be cooking something at home on Valentine's Day itself, and we'll go out to dinner the next night instead. That is, as long as we don't have a baby by then! 

Are you into Valentine's Day? Have any fun plans?? 

Maternity Tee and Coat (sold out noooo!) - Old Navy / Sweater (similar) - LOFT / Maternity Leggings - Blanqi / Boots - L.L.Bean / Bag (similar here and here) - Sole Society / Necklace - Target

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