Monday, February 4, 2019

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...did a much better job of getting out of the house than last weekend!! We decided to continue our quest to see all of the top Oscar films and went to see Green Book. I thought parts of it were a little cliche/predictable, but overall I loved the movie. Out of the Best Picture nominees I've seen, I would put my money on Green Book winning - you heard it here folks! We decided to grab a casual dinner while we were out and stopped in to Luella's Southern Kitchen for some fried chicken - so good but my body was not happy with me afterwards!! This baby likes her vegetables I guess!
...paid a visit to Jeff's baby sister - can't believe that little girl is already five months old!! We are also still very amused by the concept of her being an aunt to our daughter in just a couple of weeks ;)
...thought I was going to fall asleep for the night around 5pm but decided to rally instead and wound up hopping into a couple bars along Southport with Jeff (fed the baby a couple Shirley Temples ;) before grabbing dinner at Corridor. We always look at the menu but end up splitting a pizza and the chopped salad - so good!
...met up with a friend for brunch at Blue Door Farm Stand in Lincoln Park. I've somehow walked past a ton of times but never noticed it before - it's so freaking cute inside! As one of the reviews on Yelp said, it's like Joanna Gaines threw up in there ;) Baby girl appreciated the egg white veggie omelet I fed her, but mommy needed some sweets and stopped by Summer House for a couple cookies before heading home!! Only a few more weeks to eat whatever I want so I'm really going for it.
...baked up some cupcakes for a friend's Super Bowl party. If you know me, you know I'm only into sports for the snacks!! My baking trick is to use a box for the cake itself (swapping out the oil for butter and the water for milk) but then adding homemade frosting. Tricks everyone into thinking the whole thing is made from scratch!

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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