Monday, February 11, 2019

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went out for a dinner date at Coda di Volpe - we had tried to go last weekend but couldn't get in so I had it on the brain. I forgot how good (and cute!) that place is. I'm a little ashamed but mostly not to admit that I ordered the veal and it was mouthwatering, lick-the-plate good.
...after NINE YEARS had to try a new hair color (mine was discontinued last year and I just finished out my stockpile) and was totally freaked that I'd ruin my hair. But I ended up pleasantly surprised by how close it came out to what I was using before! I use Feria in C74, which starts out a bright orange-y red but fades to the perfect strawberry blonde.
...continued our quest to see all of the main Oscars films with a matinee of Vice. While I found the whole thing fascinating and the performance by Christian Bale incredible, it was definitely my least favorite of the Best Picture nominees. We followed that up with dinner at Warbler and then went home to watch Black Panther, which means we just have one more movie to watch before the Oscars!
...went out to brunch at Summer House, which is alway so nice to visit in winter since it feels like you're on vacation. And there are no vacations for us in the near future! Since I got pregnant (and never-ending sugar cravings) Jeff and I started ordering pastries to share as breakfast starters, and the warm blueberry muffin we had this weekend really hit the spot!

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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