Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Nursery

You guys, I think the nursery is finally done! Or, shall we say, done enough ;) There's still a few things I'm considering adding and I'm missing some pillows that are on backorder (the ones in the pictures are actually from our living room!), but we're going to count it for here. I'm currently 37 weeks and the doctor may want to induce me at 39, so we're officially in the home stretch here!

I usually have a really hard time decorating a room (it took me months to decide on rugs when we moved to our condo!) but I feel like the nursery came together fairly easily. We already owned the couch, bookshelves, and rug and planned to keep them in that space, so really we just had a few big pieces to buy (that we magically agreed on in one shopping trip!) and a little decorating. It actually ended up fairly close to what I initially envisioned!

I tried to get some photos that showed the space from different angles so you can get a better feel of how the space works. It's a fairly small room and would be tricky to fit in even a double bed, but for a nursery it works just fine!

I included the links I could at the end. Some of the items are repurposed and are actually really old. Like the three little square photographs? I cut those out of a 2011 desk calendar years ago and they've actually been on the wall in that spot since we moved in - I thought they worked so I kept them! The bookcases were a part of the IKEA hack desk Jeff gave me for Christmas back when we first moved in together. And the baby animal photographs are actually from the baby shower I threw for my sister-in-law last summer! Repurposing what I already had helped keep the budget down and added a little more variety into the space - win win win!

Do you love the baby stock image in the frame?? ­čśé­čśéHopefully at some point we'll switch that out! My cousin made this cute little basket for me, it's perfect for holding our baby girl's growing collection of headbands!

Just a note on these baskets - they're all actually slightly different sizes! Since I ordered eight I was able to match the heights for each shelf, but if you're just ordering two or three you might have a problem if you want them next to each other. 

I really would have preferred a bigger dresser. Even though it looks like this wall has a lot of space, we measured and it just wouldn't have worked. I'm considering getting a staircase bookshelf to fill some of the space to the left of the dresser and add something with a little more visual height, but I decided to stall on that. Partially because I couldn't find one that I really loved that got good reviews, and partially because I'm going to see how we use the space and see if we still want to add another piece after a few months. 

Furniture: Crib / DresserCouch / Rug

Couch Accessories: Pillows (pictured / the real pillows on backorder) / Pouf / Elephant lovey

Changing Table Accessories: Cover / Wipes Box / Hamper / Garbage can 

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