Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Weekend of Food

So the weekend of eating and running was extremely successful.  I somehow have managed to eat every meal out thus far.  This includes Japanese Barbecue (similar to Korean Barbecue but minus the kimchi) which was delicious and ended with make your own s'mores - double yum!

I also ran the Hot Chocolate 5K today, which ended with a whole lot of chocolate.  It was by far the easiest run of my life, possibly because I ran with my sister and we just giggled the whole time.  I think it shows that you're running at the correct pace if you still have enough energy for doing silly runs (a la monte python) when you see boyfriend waving at you from the sidelines.  

Hope everyone else had a fantastic weekend!

1 comment :

  1. yay, congrats on completing the run! perhaps I should try this whole running thing if that means I get to eat all the delicious foods you did!