Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How-To Hair: Day Old Waves

Last weekend I was trying to get ready in a hurry and had to do something with my day old hair.  I wanted to look nice but still fun and casual.  These waves took about 5 minutes to create and turned into some fun dreadlocks the next morning, so double win.

(kind of weird picture due to the fact that my face was reacting to some spider bites - yay!)

Products: Dry Shampoo (I've tried a lot of brands, and Suave works best for me) and hairspray

Tools: 1-2 inch curling iron, fine tooth comb

Step one: This is a day-old look, so start by spraying the crap out of your hair with dry shampoo.  I like to let mine sit and dry while I put on makeup.  Once the dry shampoo has dried, brush out your hair.  This should take away any greasies you may have as well as add some volume.  

Step two: Pin back your bangs (or front section of hair) using two bobby pins crossed over one another.  If you'd like a little more height to your poof, tease your bangs a little first.  I then teased the hair around  my poof to add a little volume.

Step three: Spray hair with a healthy amount of hairspray.  Don't brush it through since this look is supposed to be a little messy.  Holding your curling iron vertically, wrap one inch sections once around the barrel, hold for 5-10 seconds and release.  Make sure to vary the direction you curl around the barrel as well as which part of your hair is curled (i.e., top, middle, bottom).  Don't curl your ends.  Add curls until you achieve the look you want.  

Good luck curling! 


  1. No matter how hard I try, "day two" hair never usually works for me. I'll have to try out your tips next time!

    The Glossy Life