Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Their Way / My Way: Christmas Decor

Now that it's post-Thanksgiving I can officially stop complaining about stores and radio stations celebrating the holiday too early and start getting into the Christmas spirit myself.  Last weekend I took the boyfriend to cut down Christmas trees with my family and some friends, and yesterday my roommate and I finished putting up our holiday decorations.  I actually managed to complete another Pinterest project for our mantle:

I ended up deciding I didn't want the canvas itself to light up, and put the final product up with a string of lights instead.  

I started by laying out the text and fonts I wanted in InDesign and printed off the design.  I tried to trace over the letters with permanent marker so that it would bleed through to the canvas.  Turns out I used too thick of paper so the marker didn't bleed through at all.  Instead, I ended up semi-free handing with pencil based on the design I printed out.

Next I filled in the sketch I made with Martha Stewart metallic paints.  These aren't very thick, so I put several coats on to make it opaque.  

I added some polka dots for good measure, of course.  

Next up: Lots of Christmas music and cookie baking!  Have you started celebrating the season yet?


  1. Yay! This came out so great, Kristina! I've seen the "inspiration" one on Pinterest for a few months and have been dying to make one of my own. Love your interpretation!

    The Glossy Life

  2. Yours looks great (just like the original!)

    Life Unsweetened