Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Making Progress

I've been feeling surprisingly motivated to work out recently.  It helps that my schedule has lightened up a little, and we have a "gym" (ahem, elliptical and set of weights) in our spare bedroom so I don't actually have to go anywhere or care about what I look like.  I think the real motivator though has been that I've lightened up on myself a little.  Before when I worked out, if I wasn't pushing myself to the absolute limit and dying at the end of every workout, I thought it didn't really count.  That methodology didn't exactly make me excited to go back to the gym.  And if I didn't see results right away I would get really discouraged.  Now, I've decided that as long as I'm putting in effort and making progress, that's what counts.
Do you have any advice for motivating yourself to a healthier lifestyle?

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  1. That's a great mindset to be going into working out! I used to do the same with running - if I wasn't dying at the end of my run, I didn't run enough. But then I never felt like running! So I eased off and started running until I felt like I had enough and I've been feeling great!

    Also, a great motivation for working out: cute work out clothes!

    Bold Subtlety

  2. That's so wonderful that you're getting in the groove of working out. I wish I could be as motivated. I love that quote too.

  3. I too am getting into the grove of working out. I am a little concerned that school is going to kill that motivation! That's awesome you don't even have to go anywhere to work out!

  4. Word.

  5. I can barely motivate myself to get out of bed these days, so I can hardly help out here. But I agree with the message you're sharing here! Thinking like that is the reason I ever managed to teach myself guitar and stick with it for years now. There is no such thing as perfection anyway! As long as you're getting something out of it, it's worth it. That's how I feel. :)

  6. I love that saying - my yoga instructor says it all the time! Congrats on being motivated - I'm 100% the opposite right now. I'm so stressed and have stupidly been channeling that by stress eating instead of working ugh. Ughhhh

    xox Lara

  7. Hi Kristina. I am new to your blog but I love this post. After much struggle with the issue, I feel the same way about working out. It's just about making yourself a little healthier each time. This is one of the sayings that I repeat to myself daily. Thanks for the post!

  8. That's a really good mindset.
    I think I really struggle with being an all-or-nothing girl when it comes to weight loss. I go all in at the gym (it doesn't help that I am naturally competitive and always want to feel like I'm working out just as hard as/harder than everyone else there) and then I hate my life afterwards and never go back again.
    Or I'll be completely strict about everything I eat, and then make one error and decide the whole day is a waste so I may as well throw on a scoop of ice cream and an extra glass of wine.
    It definitely has me in this weird rut. I think I need to be a lot more gradual and forgiving of myself.
    Thanks for posting this!
    Britt @ One&20

  9. Uh funny timing- I JUST signed up for a 1-year gym membership down the road from our apartment. Now I have no excuse. Let's help each other! haha