Thursday, December 1, 2016

November Budget

Every month I post about my clothing budget. My budget per month is $300, which to some may seem like a lot and to others a little, but feels just right for me. You can read my thoughts on my 2015 budget here

I feel like I say this every month, but holy crap, how did we get to December? In my brain we're still just heading into summer, yet here we are.

This month I wasn't super excited about shopping, which is really weird for me. I think part of the issue is that I started working downtown again and thought it would be really fun to be able to shop, but it turns out I'm not really into shopping in stores any more! I've wandered through Nordstrom a few times and it's seriously overwhelming! Plus, I know that they've changed their formula for the stores so that there's more inventory online these days than in store, but it's super frustrating. I have a lot of issues when shopping, one of them being big feet. I went into Nordstrom looking for OTK boots and they only had one pair that I could even try on! I was also looking for red flats and they had zero pairs to try!!

So, I thought it was going to be a huge shopping month but it turns out I didn't do too much damage. Here's what I got in November:

J. Crew Factory Plaid Ruffled Shirt - originally $74.50, on sale $50. This is probably my favorite thing I bought this month (already worn here and here) - if you're looking for one shirt to pick up for the holidays, this is it!!
BP Scoop Neck Black Tee - $18. I realized I needed some more basics - enter the perfect drapey tee!!
Sole Society Wrap - originally $59.50, on sale $34.95. I'm so glad I picked up this wrap (seen here) because I've been wearing it nonstop! It's so comfy, and I've been joking that you could hide an entire turkey dinner or perhaps a 5 month pregnancy underneath ;)
Sole Society Bliss Drop Earrings - $34.95. I'm particularly sensitive to heavy earrings, so all of the giant earrings that are popular right now haven't worked on me. These, however, are light as a feather so I had to snag them! I successfully wore them for 12 hours straight earlier this week, so these are definitely keepers!
J. Crew Factory D'orsay Glitter Bow Flats - originally $98, on sale $64.50. Umm, I love these (seen here and here). Can I wear them every day now and forever? K thanks.
J. Crew Factory Teddie Sweater - originally $59.50, on sale $35.50. I mentioned a while ago that I was looking for a navy sweater, and this one checks all of the boxes!

Total spent: $237.90
Total saved: $106.55

So quite a bit under budget! I did more shopping during Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but none of it has come yet so I can't judge if those will actually be keepers or not. Besides what I already picked up though, I'm still on the hunt for a pair of over the knee boots (or maybe just some riding boots!) to help get me through the winter. Yesterday I was freezing in my bare ankles and ankle boots, so it might be time to move into real boots for the rest of the winter.

Did you budget in November? How did you do?

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