Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday Finds

Oh hello there, happy Friday! I was off this week, and uncharacteristically, I spent a lot of time shopping in stores (I'm usually an online girl all the way), and I. Didn't. Buy. ANYTHING. I really just didn't find anything I really wanted. The problem is I'm somehow already done with sweaters and winter wear. I just don't want another basic sweater. The only thing I really contemplated bringing home was a pair of patterned shorts, but I talked myself out of them because I don't have any warm weather plans until April. Le sigh. I think I'm going to make it through until spring by looking for pretty details like lace and cutouts, or maybe just hibernate for a few months ;)

Today Jeff and I are heading to Las Vegas!!! We booked a last minute trip to go with Jeff's dad and his *new* fiancee (they got engaged on Christmas Eve!) and I'm super excited about it - we're planning on doing a little gambling, a little spa-ing, and a whole lot of eating and drinking ;) We ended up booking a gala dinner for New Year's Eve, which means we'll be ringing in the new year with a tasting menu, lots of champagne, dancing, and fireworks. I typically don't like NYE, but I think the plans we made are basically the perfect way to do it. I'm currently packing up the cute little suitcase I gifted myself for Christmas with everything sparkly in my closet, and signing off until the new year. I won't be posting on Monday because I plan on really sleeping in, but I'll be back on Tuesday with my big budget recap for the year. See you then!!!

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