Tuesday, December 13, 2016

National Hot Cocoa Day

I'm not usually one to celebrate a "day" since there's basically a day for everything these days - pizza, socks, the Dewey Decimal system...

But I mean, hot cocoa?! Who can say no to that? Any excuse for drinking hot melty chocolate covered in marshmallows I'm definitely down for.

I don't drink coffee or tea but still love a hot drink now or then, and hot chocolate is my go-to. Unless I'm in with co-workers and don't want to be mistaken for a small child in the morning when they're all ordering espressos, in which case I go for the good old fashioned chai latte ;) "Kids temperature hot chocolate" just doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well.

A few years ago I got a jar of fancy hot cocoa mix in a gift exchange, and to date it's probably one of the best gifts I've gotten in one of those. I found some adorable jars with rose gold hardware in the dollar section at Target last month, and decided to put together a jar of my own to put into a couple of white elephants this year.

The gift itself is super easy. Once you find a cute jar, fill it up halfway with cocoa mix, then add layers of chocolate chips (I went with milk chocolate Ghirardelli chips - yum!!), mini candy canes, and of course marshmallows! Paired with a cute mug (I found this one at Walgreens - no, seriously! Isn't it cute?!) or a bottle of Baileys or RumChata and you've got yourself the perfect gift!

So tell me, what kind of gift do you usually put into a gift exchange?

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