Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December Budget

Every month I post about my clothing budget. My budget per month is $300, which to some may seem like a lot and to others a little, but feels just right for me. You can read my thoughts on my 2015 budget here

I hate to say this, because it starts to get redundant when I repeat myself every month, but holy crap, how did we get to the end of December already? And for that matter, the end of the year?! I was looking back through my budget posts for the year to prep for my big annual clothing budget recap post (coming next week!) and realized I was way under budget for the year, so I decided to loosen the purse strings a little this month and went a bit over budget. Really, I would have been close, except that I saw this adorable Vineyard Vines plaid dress and had to have it for Christmas. I only wore it a couple of times, but I’m sure it’s going to be a staple for many Christmases to come.

Another purchase I was really excited about are these Coach riding boots. Chicago is supposed to be really cold this winter, and I realized about three days into December that my ankle boot collection was not going to cut it this year. I’m still breaking them in so they aren’t quite as comfy yet as my go-to riding boots that have been around for years (which I somehow managed to wear for a three mile walk through the Loop, River North, and the Gold Coast yesterday!), but I’m pretty sure they’re going to get there. A word of warning - these definitely have a super narrow calf (here’s the wide calf version if you need it). They’re snug on me and I never need wide calf anything.

So anyways, enough babbling. Here’s the damage for December:

Vineyard Vines Dress - originally $198, on sale $148.50.
Coach Riding Boots - originally $265, on sale $158.90.
Gap Jeans - originally $89.95, on sale and used rewards $33.18.
Sole Society Studded Heels - originally $69.95, on sale $59.46.
Charming Charlie Bow Earrings - $10.
BaubleBar Tassel Earrings - originally $32, on sale $22.40.
J. Crew Factory Striped Tee - originally $34.50, on sale $13.50.

Total Spent: $445.94
Total Saved: $253.46

So, like I said, a bit over, but I’m facing a surplus for the year overall so I’m not feeling bad about it.

I’ll share my thoughts on my purchases for the year next week, but for January at least I’ll be shopping for pieces that feel a little more special. This year I’ve gone crazy on basics, which are all great things to have, but I feel like I’m lacking things that are exciting in my closet. I want a couple of things that I’m really excited to wear, for date nights, parties, and when I need to dress up a little for work.

So tell me, did you budget in December? How did you do?

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