Thursday, December 15, 2016

Snow Day!

Coat - 1 Madison / Hat - Kyi Kyi / Scarf - Sole Society / Sweater (similar) - Old Navy / Tee and Necklace (similar) - J. Crew Factory / Denim - Madewell / Boots - Sorel


I'm basically burrowing myself under all of the faux fur in our condo and not coming out again until spring. Oh, and outfit photos? Yeah, not sure how I'm going to be accomplishing those this winter if this weather keeps up!

We took these photos last weekend when I convinced Jeff to leave our house and go for a little walk in the snow. I thought we'd find some untouched, pristine snow in the park near our house, but forgot that of course a hundred dogs had already torn through it. It was still beautiful, and the temperatures still bearable, so we chased each other around through the snow for a bit before coming home to hide on the couch for the rest of the weekend.

To make it through cold weather, I have a few staples in my closet. The first are these Joan of Arctic boots. They're a bit clunky so I don't pull them out until I need to, but the huge size, faux fur and rubber soles are perfect when its cold and snowy. I often wear two pairs of socks with other boots in the winter to keep my toes warm, but that's unnecessary with these!

Another staple for me is a big blanket scarf. This one is technically a wrap, but works really well as a scarf too. It wasn't so cold over the weekend, but when it is (um, you know, like today) I love being able to wrap a big blanket scarf all around my face to stay extra warm.

Another essential in Chicago is a big puffer coat. They may not be the cutest, but there's no way you're making it through a Chicago winter in just a wool coat. I'm still dreaming of owning a Canada Goose some day, but until then this puffer will do. When buying a puffer I look for details that make it a little more fashionable, like fur trim and some definition around the waist that helps me not look like a giant marshmallow.

So tell me, is it cold where you live? How are you getting through the winter?

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