Monday, February 13, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...insisted that I was going to have a quiet Friday night at home, only to wind up at happy hour with Jeff at The Allis - whoops! I love The Allis because it's in the middle of restaurant row which is always crazy crowded and busy, yet you can always get a table and have a quiet drink, even on a Friday night. After a couple of cocktails we wound up at Bar Siena for dinner, and let me tell you, the sausage brussels sprouts pizza is so freaking good. I was really looking forward to the leftovers, but somehow they never made it into the fridge. As which happens with about 90 percent of the leftovers we bring home. Whoops.
...survived a week of barre!! I don't think I was doing any better at the class this weekend than last weekend, but at least I know now what I'm supposed to be doing instead of just flopping around on the floor like a confused fish. And then to celebrate, I ordered a bunch of new workout clothes including another pair of these super cute mesh panel leggings.
...finished booking a bunch of our flights and hotels for our trip to Southeast Asia!! You guys, that means it's really real now. We're headed to Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and I am so freaking excited. And nervous, but mostly excited. And now, it's time to shop all of the resort wear - helloooooooo pom-pom tote! And pom-pom earrings. And pom-pom clutch. And well, basically anything with a pom-pom.
...drove out to the suburbs for a simchat bat for our friend's new baby, which is a Jewish naming ceremony for baby girls. It felt like a very grown-up way to spend a Sunday afternoon ;) So many of our friends have kids now, it's completely crazy to me. We had all of the babies sleeping and lined up in their car seats for a little bit which was so adorable, until, you know, one of them had to poop.

I hope you had a good one!

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