Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Beauty Favorites

I used to be a moisturizer and chapstick girl (okay, and mascara. always mascara) but somehow I've been getting more and more into beauty over the past couple of years. I mean, when I say "more into beauty" I mean I somehow reached VIB Rouge status at Sephora. Ummm, I don't know how much I spent to get to that point, but I don't really want to know ;) I've been doing a lot of experimenting and trying a lot of samples, and I have a few new favorites in my everyday routine that I had to share with you!

I kind of hate lip color, not because of the color itself but because of the whole process. I basically chug water all day long, so any lip color I put on tends to wear off really quickly, no matter what kind of prep I do to my lips before applying color or how "long-lasting" a formula claims to be. I've been loving the duo of the lip pencil and the gloss because they really build on each other - the gloss adds a little more oomph to the pencil, and the pencil gives me a nice base of color that stays even when the gloss starts to wear away. Which lets me put it on and ignore it - perfect! Plus the color is so pretty - it's the perfect neutral rose pink! I have the pencil in Rikugien and the gloss in Bound. I've been wearing it nonstop lately, including here and here

The Estée Edit Dissolve the Drama
I wear kind of a lot of eye makeup (on a daily basis I'm always wearing liner, lash primer, and a whole lot of mascara) and I have a really hard time getting it all off. I often think I've gotten it all, only to discover black marks all over my pillowcase in the morning. I've tried a number of makeup removers, oils, micellar water, etc., but it wasn't until I got a free sample of Dissolve the Drama that I found something that really works and doesn't irritate my eyes. You basically rub the product all over your face like you would with a face wash, and then use a cotton ball to gently wipe your eyes, and everything magically disappears! I'm talking not even anything between my lower lashes - just clean, bare skin without any scrubbing. I basically used the sample and then ordered a full bottle from the bathroom I was so amazed. 

Usually when people say you need a certain brush to achieve a look I just shake my head. There's no way I need a huge arsenal of brushes for my day-to-day makeup. That theory was completely broken by this highlighting brush. Like, holy crap this thing really makes a huge difference! The angle and size is perfect for adding highlighter to those cheekbones, and now I'm adding the right amount of highlighter every time (instead of going overboard and ending up a glitter queen). I love, love, love this brush. 

This was another free sample that I fell in love with. I previously was only using liquid highlighter, but liquid highlighter really only makes sense to use if you're putting on foundation or a BB/CC cream, since the liquid formula blends really beautifully into other liquid makeup. I rarely wear foundation, so the powder works much better than me for day-to-day application. This slightly bronze color is so pretty, and it adds the perfect amount of shimmer without making you look sparkly.
Have you used any of these products? What are some of your favorite beauty items??

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  1. Love NARS cosmetics! Beautiful post!