Monday, February 20, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Enjoyed the crazy warm weather by grilling out and hanging out on the deck with Jeff on Friday night. Seriously, you know that whole global warming thing? Because it was freaking 65 degrees on Friday, and then on Saturday we hit 70! That's literally unheard of in Chicago for February, we broke a 140 year old record. I'm worried for the planet, but we still had to enjoy the weather so...
...We ended up inviting people over for an impromptu roof party on Saturday, because who can say no to drinking a bottle of rosé in the sunshine, especially in February?! It was seriously so gorgeous out. A couple of our friends stayed late, so we ended up at O'Shaughnessy's - definitely our favorite bar in Ravenswood!!
...Saw that this embroidered tunic that's been on my wishlist for months went on sale for half off at Vineyard Vines (use code WINTER17 for an extra 30% off sale prices) so I had to order it, fingers crossed it fits!
...Chopped off what feels like all of my hair, but in looking at before/after photos it appears to just be one inch. But, it's that important inch between being able to put my hair in a regular ponytail and only being able to gather it at the nape of my neck. But I think I like it ;)
...Drove out to the suburbs for another volunteer training for Destination Imagination, and then headed over to my parents' house to grill out for dinner. Enjoying the weather seems to be the theme of this weekend, huh?

I hope you had a good one! I have today off of work, so my weekend is still going ;) Hopefully I can cross a lot off the to-do list today!!

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