Monday, February 27, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...celebrated my birthday!! On Saturday my parents drove into the city for brunch at Gather, which was freaking amazing. I ordered the skillet which was full of eggs and black beans and tons of shredded pork - so good! Plus a bellini, because, birthday ;) I definitely want to go back because everything on the menu looked delish.
...had a bunch of my friends come out to dinner at Caro Mio for all of the Italian - yum! It's BYOB which I always love, and you had better believe we YOBed some Bs!!! Afterward we headed to Lincoln Karaoke, which is one of my all time favorite activities. Instead of regular karaoke where you have to embarrass yourself on stage in front of strangers, you rent a private room and everyone sings together. We rented the room for three hours but ended up staying for five because everyone was having so much fun!
...mailed off our passports to get a visa for Vietnam, which I'm totally freaked out about. You need a visa to enter the country, but since we don't live near an embassy we had to drop them in the mail. I'm going to be so nervous until they get shipped home! I'm really excited about the trip though, I ordered a bunch of stuff I think we'll need including these hiking pants that don't look too ugly haha ;) We'll be hiking in 90+ degree weather around temples so I need my knees covered, and leggings sound way too hot.
...ordered a bunch of dresses to try on for some upcoming weddings - this one, this one, and this one are currently heading my way! I couldn't decide which I wanted, and then I remembered that Nordstrom has free returns so I decided to just order all of them ;) I have a feeling the cold shoulder will win, but we shall see!

I hope you had a good one!

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