Monday, February 6, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went out to dinner with Jeff at Tanta for another restaurant week menu. Let me tell you, this one was just not as good as the one we hit last week. And that's not to say that the restaurant is bad, it's just that they definitely didn't put their best dishes on the restaurant week menu - we were sitting near the kitchen and I saw so many amazing things come out of it but none of them came to our table. I still want to go back, but preferably for drinks on the rooftop once it's warm out!
...tried my first barre class! A couple of my friends are addicted and finally talked me into it (it helped that they were offering me that first class free ;) so I threw on my favorite leggings and hit the studio. Let me tell you, it was nothing like what I was expecting and I'm still super sore, but I'm definitely going to go back! I signed up for a month to really give it a try, and I'm hoping to manage to make it a couple times a week. Wish me luck!
...ordered this adorable off the shoulder ruffled dress! I was going to hold back, but it's selling out fast so I figured I'd snag it while I could. It's also still available in gray in all sizes here. Our trip to SE Asia is less than two months away now so I've been on the hunt for warmer weather clothing to bring along - fingers crossed it fits!!
...walked through the Lincoln Park Zoo with my sister and niece! It ended up being super cold and windy so we didn't stay very long, but that's the nice part about this particular zoo - it's free and in the middle of a neighborhood so you can wander in and out as you please! Plus, you know, I'll always love it because we got married there. My niece's favorite part, of course, was when we let her out of the stroller so she could run around through the kid zone, and not when we crawled into a tube that had a black bear snuffling around on the other side. Weirdo.
...had another dinner date with Jeff at Caro Mio - you can never go wrong with BYOB Italian, especially when that B you YOBed is a fancy bottle you brought back from Napa!
...went to Target because, well, it's Target, but also to check out the new Sugarfix by BaubleBar line!! It's all so freaking cute, but I managed to hold myself back and only brought home these fun ombre tasseled earrings.
...made my favorite dip for a SuperBowl party - more cheese, please!

I hope you had a good one!!

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