Thursday, May 18, 2017

At Home Try-Ons

Have all I've been doing lately is trying things on, or have all I been doing lately is trying things on? Really, I had so much to go through on Sunday I was a little embarrassed! Here are a few of the things I've tried lately:


First up is this ruffle sleeve striped top, which I love in theory but not in reality. On the left I'm wearing a large, and the right a medium. The medium fits so much better, so I'd definitely say it runs large. The bell sleeves are super cute, the fabric is nice and thick, and I love the stripes (of course) but I just didn't love it on me. 

Isn't this one shoulder lace dress so fun?! I snagged it because I have a hard time passing up a pretty dress, and ended up wearing it the next day to a friend's wedding. I'm wearing a 12 tall here, which is loose fitting but not too baggy - the way a shift should fit! I also love that it actually made it down to my knees and that it isn't see-through at all. I'm wearing it with a belt here, but I ended up going sans belt when I wore it and loved it that way too. 


Next up is this pom-pom trim shift dress that I'm so sad didn't fit!! I ordered a 10 tall because that was what was in stock, and it was just a tinge too tight. I can see now that 12 tall is back in stock but not on sale, and I'm trying to figure out if I can bring myself to pay full price. The sleeves with the little hint of pom pom sleeves are so cute, the cut is really flattering, and it's the sort of piece that would work really well for work or for play. 


This petal-sleeved top is super adorable. The fit is perfect, the petal sleeves and shirttail hem are so cute, and I love the fabric - perfect for dressing up or down! The only caveat? Ummm right, it's completely sheer! It's too bad because I really love the color of this one, but I may reorder in another color like black that will be less likely to be see-through. Wearing a large here.


Swing dresses were my favorite last year - they're really comfy and easy to wear. This one from LOFT is no exception, plus it has a cute bow and v-back. I just wasn't quite feeling it though - maybe I'm over swing dresses? It just felt a little juvenile so it's going back. Wearing a large tall here and it's still above the knee.


Aren't these striped shorts the cutest? I don' they're the most flattering on me, but honestly I don't really care! They have an elastic waistband so they're super comfortable, there are pockets, they're not too short, and the bow is removable so they don't have to be worn with a tucked-in shirt. I may never wear them with the bow, but I'm definitely keeping them because they're so cute and comfy! Wearing a 12 here.

The top is a basic white tank with some cute back detailing, and I'm always looking for white tops for summer so it's definitely a keeper. I love that it isn't super sheer like most white tops, that it's a comfy tee shirt material that's easy to wear, and the back ties are so fun! Wearing a large here.


I haven't shopped for dress pants in years (really, I think maybe 2013?) and I forgot how terrible the process is. This pair is baggy, has a really unfortunate crotch situation, and has a super weird ankle situation. Aaaaaand, return! If you have any favorite dress pant brands/styles, please let me know! Wearing a tall 14 here - way too big!! 

I was so excited about this jacket for spring - online it looks like such a cute little mini trench with those adorable striped cuffs. In reality though? It's just way too boxy and cropped on me. It definitely is cut for a girl with zero curves. The cuffs are cute, but really, they just make me feel like the sleeves are too short, and I found it awkward to get my hands into the sleeves through the faux cuffs - they're only buttoned onto the jacket. I did like the fabric - it feels really high quality - and it has an adorable lining. I also loved the contrast collar. Really wishing it worked on me! It's currently on super sale so go snag it before it sells out if it'll work on you! 


I thought I'd take a chance on this white mini from J.Crew, but it didn't quite hit my expectations. It's the teensiest bit see through (I hate when I can see the pockets!) and while it fit cute from the front, I didn't like it so much from the side or back. It's also a tinge shorter than what I was hoping for. Once again, this is probably one of those things that's super cute if you aren't curvy. Wearing a size 31 here. 


Oh look, another swing dress I don't want! It actually is super cute you guys. Like super super cute. I love the dark denim color, but that it's actually made out of Tencel versus chambray so it's super soft and comfortable. It's just huge. I'm wearing a large tall here, and look how big it is! I'm not thinking that the smaller size will fit well in the bust, shoulders, or sleeves though, so this one is just going back.

Whew. Have I been doing too much shopping?!

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