Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dressing the Dining Room for Summer

My house lacks a lot of places that are traditional for decorating, like a mantle or a front porch, so I tend to concentrate my efforts in the dining room. Really, nothing else in my house changes seasonally besides swapping out pillows and blankets. But putting down some new summery pieces in the dining room always seems to do the trick!

I had the room still in pretty heavy winter mode, and got inspired by a Target catalog (ahem, I may have a problem) to change things up. I originally bought this table runner from Target, but it was too small for the table so I swapped it for this one I found on Etsy. Usually I'm a little iffy about buying things from Etsy because it can be so slow. My last purchase took over a month to arrive! This one was super speedy though and got here within the week. 

My main complaint with this room was how blue it felt originally, but with the addition of the green table runner, giant (faux) plant, and pink artwork it's starting to feel a lot more me. We're also adding little touches of pink throughout the rest of the living room to make everything feel more cohesive (including these adorable tasseled pillows!) 

Man, this whole decorating thing is a process, am I right? We moved into our place almost a year and a half ago now, and it still doesn't feel "done" - maybe it never will? I just never put that much effort into decorating before because every place I lived felt so temporary (like the six different places I lived in college), but now that Jeff and I have put down some more stable roots I want to make a lot more of an effort. A lot of parts of our home still feel unfinished, so I'm actually considering hiring a decorator just to put the final touches in - if you have any recommendations in the Chicago area definitely let me know! 

These pictures were taken during April - I have a new print from my subscription to White Brick Lane up now for May! 

Table and Chairs - Walter E. Smithe
Bookshelf - Crate & Barrel 
Faux Fiddle Leaf Plant - Silks are Forever
Table Runner - JustMeeCT
Napkins - Target
Print + Holder - via monthly subscription to White Brick Lane
Gold Pineapple Glasses - W&P Designs
Pink painting - by me! 

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