Thursday, March 15, 2018

Rediscovering An Old Favorite

Sweater (similar here and here) - Banana Republic / Tank - Kohl's (these are my favorite camis, I've worn them for years!!) / Jeans - Old Navy / Coat - J. Crew / Shoes and Necklace (super similar) - BP / Bag (similar here and here, I also love this option for spring!) - Sole Society / Watch - Wristology

So often I find myself reaching only for newer pieces in my closet, especially when I know I'll be sharing an outfit here. Of course all of the newer clothes in my closet are for warm weather and I am so sick of the four sweaters I've been rotating through since January, so I went rooting around in my drawers and found this cute little poncho sweater! I seriously forgot what a great piece it is for the winter - on warmer days you can wear it over a tank like I'm doing here, or you can wear it over long sleeves or even a button down

I'm actually really glad to have found this little sweater in the back of my closet, because I almost just bought a super similar style. So thank you to past me for so carefully folding up this sweater and saving it for later, so I could save my clothing budget for more shoes. Always more shoes :) 

Sweater (similar here and here) - Banana Republic / Tank - Kohl's (these are my favorite camis, I've worn them for years!!) / Jeans - Old Navy / Coat - J. Crew / Shoes and Necklace (super similar) - BP / Bag (similar here and here, I also love this option for spring!) - Sole Society / Watch - Wristology

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