Thursday, March 29, 2018

What I WOULD Wear for Easter

Dress (similar cut or similarish pattern) - Lilly Pulitzer / Earrings - Panacea / Sandals - Treasure & Bond / Bag (similar here and here) - Kate Spade

Happy almost Easter! Do you get tomorrow off of work? I have to go in, but I've previously gotten the day off, and I was always surprised by it. This year my surprise holiday was President's Day instead, which I think was oddly around the same temperature. 

This Easter is a weird one for me, because my parents are currently off in Japan with my brother and his wife, and Jeff is headed down to San Antonio with his brother tomorrow to watch the Final Four! He was hoping to see Virginia when they got the tickets, but now is almost as excited to get to see Loyola play. I mean, I haven't watched much March Madness this year, but I'm about ready to hop on the hometown bandwagon solely for Sister Jean - anyone else? 

So where does that leave me for Easter? My sister and I decided to throw back to when we spent Easter weekend alone at college together. That particular Easter dinner (back in 2009?!) involved scrambled eggs (because they're on theme, obviously), scalloped potatoes (from a box, because college), sautéed asparagus (because it's weirdly been one of our favorite foods since we were kids) and "fancy juice," my college beverage of choice that was a mixture of whatever juice was in the fridge, vodka, and Sprite. Oh, and we watched The Sound of Music on television with commercials, which meant it was about five hours long. 

This year we decided to keep the scalloped potatoes and asparagus, but we're going to throw in a ham in too because we're grown-ups now and because it turns out all you have to do is put a ham in the oven and you're good to go. Oh, and we'll try for a little Sound of Music, but who knows, her toddler might dictate that Moana be the feature film of the day. And I won't be mad about it. 

Since we're keeping things casual (and because it's still so cold), I'm thinking this Sunday will be a day for comfy clothes. But if I were headed to church or a fancy brunch like we've done in the past, I'd definitely reach for this dress! I snagged it during the Lilly Pulitzer sale in January. I'm usually not into the Lilly patterns (they're a little too crazy for my taste) but something about this one spoke to me - it just screams warm weather, right? I can't wait to break out this little number for real. Hopefully soon. 

Chicago, get your act together. 

Dress (similar cut or similarish pattern) - Lilly Pulitzer / Earrings - Panacea / Sandals - Treasure & Bond / Bag (similar here and here) - Kate Spade

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