Monday, March 19, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...watched a whole lot of basketball - anyone else? We went out to the corner bar for a bit on Friday to watch the games, but Jeff is a Virginia fan (in case you aren't into basketball, they basically had the worst loss in the history of March Madness) so I ended up leaving him to watch the game and I spent my Friday night reading haha. I ended up finishing The Idiot - it was a really interestingly-written novel featuring a deep look inside the mind of a very different college freshman at Harvard in the '90s. Definitely not an easy read and a lot more intellectual, but I really enjoyed it.
...celebrated my cheat day on the old diet with brunch at Corridor, and then spent the rest of the day talking with people about how good brunch at Corridor is. I got the breakfast pizza. Breakfast pizza is the best invention of the 21st century.
...we also had pizza for dinner at Lou Malnati's, my fav deep dish in the city. Now that's a cheat day for you right there ;) I feel like I'm always hearing Chicagoans say that they don't like deep dish or it's not their favorite, but that is NOT my opinion. Sure, we go for regular pizza 10x more often than deep dish, but that's just because if I ate that much deep dish I'd probably literally die.
...went to our friend Eddie's house for Saint Patrick's Day, and all ended up hanging out on his stoop out in the sun for a good hour or two. Despite the fact that it was 42 degrees out and we didn't have our coats. The sun was beating down hard, which meant that, as true Chicagoans, we basically had to be outside. Let me tell you, I actually was hot! We wound up at Cork Lounge afterwards for some Irish music and definitely not Irish domestic beers ;)
...scrolled through the new arrivals at Nordstrom to work on a post for later this week, and had to order this dress (it's the prettiest lavender/mauve color and less than $50!) and this floaty white blouse that's only $30!

I hope you had a good one!!

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