Monday, March 26, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...finally watched Pitch Perfect 3, and even with my low expectations it was still such a letdown. At least the second one still had good performances! Major sad face.
...had another big volunteer day with Destination Imagination for the state tournament. I worked with elementary kids this time, and they are so freaking cute but also make me very scared to ever have kids that age haha.
...met our friends Andy and Laura and their cutest little toddler Henry for breakfast at Over Easy. This place is so good for breakfast, but next time we're waiting til it's warmer out for the inevitable half hour wait outside - brrrrr. these espadrilles in the mail and they are so freaking cute in person and surprisingly comfortable!! I'm really happy that the giant platform espadrilles of last season have come down in height a little. I hate the look of sandals that have a high platform under the toes - so clunky!
...drove up to my aunt's house in the burbs for a going away party for my cousin Tedd - he and his girlfriend are packing up, quitting their jobs, and hopping around Europe for the next six months! I'm so jealous - how amazing does that sound?! Now Jeff and I are plotting to see if we can meet up with them this summer - maybe in Ireland?
...grabbed sushi from Miku Sushi in Lincoln Square, and holy fish you guys, I ordered some salmon nigiri and I swear my two pieces were a whole filet! Jeff and I basically had to roll home and climb directly into bed afterwards haha. I always have a hard time finding a roll I want to eat  because there's so much cream cheese and crab stick on their menu, but I always end up able to find at least one that doesn't offend my sushi purist brain, and that one is usually amazing. 

I hope you had a good one!

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