Monday, July 16, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...met up with our friends Kelsey and Jason (and their cute little newborn James) at Bang Bang Biscuits & Pie, also known as the best breakfast in our neighborhood! I hadn't gotten a chance to meet James yet and he is the cutest (of course, he rudely slept almost the whole time ;). I got the garden biscuit which I haven't had before, it was a really good kale salad with a goat cheese biscuit - yum!
...continued my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping! I ordered a ton of stuff on Thursday with the intention of getting everything on that first day so I could earn all of the points, but that strategy didn't quite work because come Saturday I was still dreaming of these cute winter boots and this plaid popover. Whoops. Most of the things I ordered are supposed to come early this week, so I'll try to do a try-on session before the sale opens up to the public on Friday!
...went out for a little dinner date to Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba with Jeff, which is actually where we had our first date, oh gosh, seven and a half years ago now?! We haven't been in a few years now so it was a fun trip down memory lane, remembering how we both seemingly walked up to the door at the same time and I thought it was fate, when really Jeff had been nervously circling the block for twenty minutes! If you're going out for tapas, my favorite thing is always the padron peppers. They're little flash-fried peppers covered in oil and salt and usually aren't spicy at all, just little crunchy flavor bombs.
...spent a bit of the weekend feeling under the weather, but instead of laying on the couch and watching the World Cup or Wimbleton, I went for a Harry Potter marathon - nerd alert!
...drove out to the burbs to see our friends' new house, where I completely city-girled out (omg a yard! a pantry! hahaha). Jeff and I are definitely still city kids, but a house with a connected garage that would actually fit our car sounds really nice ;)

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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