Thursday, July 12, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - First Glance Picks

Oh hey there, in case you somehow haven't heard the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts today for cardholders (apply here if you want to shop the sale early - otherwise full access starts on July 20th). There's always a ton of hype around the sale, but I wasn't too excited for it from looking at the catalogue. However, now that I'm able to see everything that's available, I'm getting really pumped for all of the basics, as well as seeing a lot of my favorites from the sale last year come back.

Nordstrom has free shipping and free returns with an unlimited return policy (I seriously saw a woman return a pair of boots she had bought five years ago on a card that was now expired, and they gave her a full refund!) so my recommendation is, if you see something you think you'd want, just buy it now since you can easily return it later. Last year I tried to budget and only ended up keeping a few things from the sale, and ended up going back and buying a lot of the basics from the sale later at full price.

So, onto the good stuff!! Let's start with bottoms. These leggings are my absolute favorite and I buy a new pair every year (come in plus sizes too) because they're so comfortable, have a long enough inseam for me, and don't fall down. I also grabbed these faux leather leggings last year and love them (worn here) - they're also available in a moto style. I also bought these jeans last year and love them, they're perfect if you carry a little more weight around your middle.

Okay, now it's on to sweaters! I'm clearly dying to add a pink cardigan to my closet - I already ordered this one ;) But really, the thing I would snag now would be a poncho sweater - I have a feeling this plaid one is going to sell out ASAP!! 

There weren't a ton of coats and jackets that caught my eye, but if you've been loving the burgundy coat that I share all the time (including in our Paris photos!), there's a super similar one on sale now! This jacket is also really similar to the faux suede jacket I snagged last year (worn here). I'm also really strongly considering this zip-up casual jacket - Jeff has one like it and I was jealous of it all of last year!

OMG, shoes. Lol, did I wake up a little too early this morning? What I'm most exited about are sneakers in this sale, which may be a sign I'm getting old - how cute are these pink ones?! I'm also loving the idea of a waterproof boot for winter so I don't have to wear my snowboots every day like I did last year - either these heeled boots or the over the knee version.

As far as tops go, I'm mostly looking to stock up on tees like this one during the sale, but there are a few fun blouses out there too! I already have this tee in red (worn here), so I'm excited to see it in black and white stripes!

In case you aren't quite ready to shop for fall yet, there are a bunch of cute dresses included in the sale too - you know I'm loving this blue striped dress!

There weren't a ton of bags that caught my eye, but I have been wanting a new tote and the color of this one is gorgeous!!

Aaaaaand, we're done!! Here's hoping this post was helpful as you shop the sale - let me know what's your favorite!

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