Monday, October 1, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Flew back after a looooong week in San Francisco! I was out there for a conference that basically my whole work year leads up to, so now I'm in the free and clear this week. It's great to have the weight off my shoulders! While I was there it was crazy and I mostly was in bed by 8 and wide awake at 4am every day, but I did manage to get dinner at Botellon (eh) and Mission Rock Resort (so good and a beautiful view).
...Went to see Avenue Q with Jeff at the Mercury Theater. I've loved this musical since college so I was so excited to finally see it live, and the production was so good!! Seriously, I would really recommend it unless you are super conservative (the people next to us were not happy) as the show is hilarious. What was really amazing though was to be in the second row, as opposed to way up in a balcony like we usually are when we see shows downtown. If you're thinking of going, the tickets are all the same price so just book a week or two out for the good seats! After the show, we went to grab a pizza at Coalfire (so good!!) and ended up meeting up with some friends for drinks. Well, for me it was a Shirley Temple. Just living my best life over here!
...Got a bonus in my paycheck (yaasssss!!) and did all of the online shopping during some weekend sales haha. Whoops. Let's see... these sneakers, this cardigan, this cardigan, this wrap, this sweater, this scarf, this flannel, and these boots.

...Got our house prepped for some new closet buildouts that are happening this week, which basically means our living room is now full of stacks of coats and clothes and wedding china and old Halloween costumes. Someone send help.
...Went to see the Cubs play on Sunday afternoon - they won by a lot but since we are so close to the playoffs we were nervous basically the whole time. It sounds like we're probably going to another game this week, which really just means more hot dogs for me!

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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