Monday, October 15, 2018

This Weekend...

Did you see our big announcement yesterday?? We're having a baby girl! You guys, I am so excited, I cried repeatedly the day we found out. Which I think was not so surprising to the ultrasound technician, but slightly more so to other people on the train and my unsuspecting coworkers ;) Instagram has been targeting me hard with baby clothes ads this week, and I've been having so much fun looking at all of the little girl clothes!! I'm also so excited for this little girl to be friends with her aunt Isabella (Jeff's half sister) who was born six weeks ago - how fun will it be for them to grow up together?!

This weekend I...

...had a matching brainwave with Jeff when we both basically simultaneously suggested going to see A Star Is Born. You guys, it is worth the hype. You should have heard the theater when the credits rolled, clearly everyone agreed. Pre-movie we grabbed dinner at Carbon Arc (which is connected to the theater) and while I've never been that impressed before, it really hit the spot this time - turns out the shrimp tacos are great!!
...went on a little shopping spree down Southport Corridor. I rarely shop in stores anymore unless I'm making a return, but obviously had to run out to find some baby girl clothes for our announcement. It was so fun to pop in and out of all the little stores and come home with more candles than we need ;) Of course, I still couldn't actually bring myself to try anything on!
...drove out to South Barrington for lunch at Cooper's Hawk before we went to Goebbert's pumpkin farm for some fall'tivities with my sister's family. The last time we went my niece Mae was around 18 months old and was clearly still too little to really get into it (although she loved the chance to run!) so it was fun to see her really enjoying all of the activities this time around. Why do kids love rolling around in dried corn so much?! Oh and it turns out she may be a maze whisperer, because she led us through the corn maze in record time - we only hit one dead end! Afterwards we drove up to my parents' house for dinner - a little beef stroganoff really hit the spot!

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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