Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Would You Have A Drink When Pregnant?

Before I got pregnant, I always assumed the whole not drinking for nine (or more) months thing would be hard. I thought I would be that pregnant woman having the occasional glass of wine or sip of beer, just because I missed it or craved it. I know that the current recommendations are no alcohol ever when pregnant (actually, you technically aren't supposed to drink at all if you aren't on birth control!) but I always figured that if light drinking during pregnancy is a part of other cultures, it must be okay. If a pregnant friend wanted a glass of wine at a party or some champagne at a wedding, I would encourage it or even go to the bar to get it for her so she wouldn't feel awkward. I just always assumed that I would enjoy the occasional drink while pregnant as well.

Well imagine my surprise when, after finding out I was pregnant, I haven't wanted alcohol at all. I always assumed I would crave it, but that hasn't been the case. I don't miss drinking, and I don't look at a cocktail or a glass of wine and get jealous. That first weekend we found out (on our anniversary trip to Napa!) was hard, but since then it has been a total breeze. The only alcohol I've had was a few sips of champagne at a wedding when we hadn't told people we were expecting yet. It just is the weirdest thing to me, I always assumed it would be such a hard thing to give up.

Oh, and obviously the best thing about not drinking has been the lack of negative alcohol symptoms for the past few months! No hangovers, no wine headaches, no waking up feeling incredibly dehydrated or having a hard time getting out of bed on weekend mornings. It's so great I would consider cutting back on my alcohol consumption post-pregnancy, although I hear that mommies really like their wine ;)

I've heard that for some people that they wanted to drink but that wine tasted different to them during their pregnancy, or that they wanted alcohol but just the worry about how it would affect the baby was enough to hold them back. I'm curious though - if you've been pregnant before, did you drink a little or go cold turkey? What was your reasoning? And if you haven't been pregnant, would you ever have a drink?

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