Monday, October 29, 2018

This Weekend...

photo by Matt & Jaymi

This weekend I...

...stood up in my friend Tracy's wedding!! The wedding was outside in Northwestern Indiana and was freezing but so beautiful! So really, I spent the weekend laughing with my best friends, getting beautified and having my picture taken, which are a few of my favorite things ;) The wedding was at Wicker Park which has the prettiest little gazebo for weddings plus a gorgeous reception space if you're currently planning a wedding. If you're in the area, we did go to Harvest Room and Cafe Borgia and I would recommend both - I especially loved Harvest Room's breakfast crostinis!! 
...spent some time up in my hometown watching my niece and nephew (who recently started smiling and laughing at people who aren't his mom, and he stole my little heart!!) and then going to the rehearsal dinner for my cousin's wedding at Tacos El Norte, one of my favorite restaurants in the area. I was so bummed I had to miss the wedding but it was great to catch all of my family at the rehearsal! 
...ordered a few more of my favorite scarves when I noticed they came out with a few more patterns for the season! I also ordered a bunch of stuff from Sephora since they're starting their holiday sale - I'll have a full recap of the sale coming up this week. I also have my October budget post coming up this week so stay tuned!

Here's hoping you had a good one - now go stuff yourself with some Halloween candy!

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