Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Insta Lately

I've been trying to post more on Instagram lately after taking a little breather over the summer - here's a some of what I've shared lately! If you want to follow along in (closer to) real time, follow me @kristinadoes.

Sneakers / Leggings (these are maternity, here are my favorite non-maternity) / Pullover

Fall leaves, yes please! Apparently walking is good for the baby (??) so I've been trying to lace up and head out every day. I've been listening to lots of podcasts out walking, my favorite currently is Binge Mode, they're doing a series on every Harry Potter book and movie! 

Vest / Flannel / TeeLeggings (these are maternity, here are my favorite non-maternity) / Socks / Boots / Similar Hat / Sunglasses

We went out to the pumpkin farm over the weekend, and while my sister was snapping pictures of her kids with the pumpkins, I made Jeff take some of me ;) 

I wore this for our last OB appointment - we found out we're having a little girl!! I love pairing camel and black for fall, it's so easy but really elevates whatever you're wearing. 

Sneakers / Leggings (these are maternity, here are my favorite non-maternity)

Just creeping on fall wherever I can find it (including at the grocery store!) 

Sweater / Scarf / SneakersLeggings (these are maternity, here are my favorite non-maternity)

I bought these sneakers basically for the leather tags - such a cute detail that makes them look really high end! 

I wore this for a little bachelorette dinner for my bff Tracy a couple weeks ago - she's getting married in less than two weeks now eep!!!! I bought the dress last fall and it turns out it's very bump friendly, and I love that it works so well casually or dressed up! It's available in a ton of fall colors right now. 

We're already past bare legs weather in Chicago and I'm so sad - I want to get more booties and dress combos in! 

I've been going a little pullover crazy as of late - I actually had to designate a new space for all of them in my closet! They're all so freaking cozy though, I can't be mad. 

Sweatshirt / Jacket / Jeans (these are maternity) / Similar Boots / Similar Bag

My second to last Cubs game of the season - so sad they didn't make the playoffs and my run of hot dog and ice cream covered in Oreos had to come to an end :( This quilted sweatshirt is amazing by the way, and was out of stock for most of last winter. But it's back in all of the colors! Maybe don't get the cream one though, I swear I get something on it every time I wear it. 

Similar Sweater / Similar TeeJacket / Leggings (these are maternity, here are my favorite non-maternity) / Shoes

Jeff basically told me he hated these shoes when I put them on, and then when I wore them out of the house I immediately got compliments from all of the old ladies. Who's winning now, Jeff?!

From the left: one / two / three / four / five / six

I was out in San Francisco at the end of September for a week for a work event, and I was so proud of myself for actually bringing things that all matched with each other and made packing easy for once! 

Pullover / Sneakers / Leggings (these are maternity, here are my favorite non-maternity) / Sunglasses

I don't always leave my house on a Sunday morning, but when I do there had better be breakfast!

Met a friend for brunch at Hampton Social, it's the best on a chilly day because it feels so beachy inside! 

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