Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Holiday Pajama Party

Is your family the type that dresses up for the holidays, or are you more of the pajamas all day kind of crowd? If we had the option, on Christmas Day we'd definitely be a pajamas all the time kind of family. Usually we head to a bigger gathering on Christmas night though, which tends to require actual clothes. The few years we haven't gone anywhere on Christmas Day though (every so often Christmas gets "cancelled" because people are sick, and we love it - such a good excuse to watch Christmas movies all day!) we are definitely a pajamas all day kind of group. I love that Jeff's family is the same way. I was initially worried the first year we spent Christmas with them when people started heading upstairs to shower, but it they all showered and got back into pajamas! Yasssss my dream come true!

This year you'll definitely find me in my favorite maternity pajama pants. Yes, that's a thing and I thought it was silly until about a month ago when I started having to sag my regular pajama pants super low below the bump - no thanks! But if I wasn't pregnant, here's what I'd be wearing! I love adding a sweater on top of pajamas, it's still super cozy but makes you feel slightly more appropriate for Christmas with your in-laws or if your father-in-law shows up unexpectedly on Christmas morning with a new girlfriend for you to meet who is fully made up and wearing spiked Louboutins. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.

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