Thursday, December 13, 2018

Naughty or Nice?

Sweatshirt (also comes in a "nice-ish" version!) - American Eagle / Maternity Leggings (or my favorite non-maternity) - Blanqi / Slippers - Talbots / Green Velvet Pillow and Faux Fur Blanket (similar here) - World Market / Plaid Pillow and Red Blanket - Pottery Barn

Less than two weeks until Christmas - are you feeling naughty or nice? 

How freaking cute is this sweatshirt?! It was one of those things that I saw and immediately put in my cart. I mean, I hesitated momentarily because I'm never quite sure what's going to fit over this rapidly growing baby bump I'm sporting. But really, it's so freaking cute I would have also been happy to put it away until next year. I mean, not happy because really I put it on my body as soon as I got it in the mail, but it still would have been worth it. 

This sweatshirt is actually from American Eagle. I know. I haven't shopped there since college, when it was the only place to buy cheap jeans that came in longer lengths. And when I say "cheap," I mean back then spending $40 on a pair of jeans was a huge splurge. College Kristina was poor. And probably spent too much of her hard earned cash from two different part time jobs on parties and buying costumes for parties. College Kristina's priorities were definitely in order - who needs pants anyway?!

So anyway, I was a little hesitant to shop at the old AE again, mainly because I had no idea how sizing would work. I ended up snagging this in an XL, and the fit is perfect! It fits the bump now, but it's definitely the right amount of oversized that it would fit really well without a giant basketball under my shirt too. My only complaint is that the sleeves are just a touch short, and I would assume that as you go for smaller sizes the sleeves get shorter too. 

I'm actually wearing basically this same exact outfit as I type this - it's basically been my go-to outfit lately and will be through the rest of the month! Cozy, comfy, and festive - what's not to love?! 

Sweatshirt (also comes in a "nice-ish" version!) - American Eagle / Maternity Leggings (or my favorite non-maternity) - Blanqi / Slippers - Talbots / Green Velvet Pillow and Faux Fur Blanket (similar here) - World Market / Plaid Pillow and Red Blanket - Pottery Barn

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