Monday, December 17, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went to grab an early dinner after work on Friday with Jeff at Baita, the winter restaurant in Eataly. Eataly has been open in Chicago now for years but this was somehow the first time we've actually managed to go together. You guys, that place is crazy pants on a Friday night! Very glad we made 5pm reservations hahaha. The restaurant is Italian Alps themed, so we obviously had to have some melted cheese, but the best thing we tried was definitely the steak skewers!! this wubby fleece vest in the mail, and it is so freaking cozy!! I ended up ordering a large and it was still a little big even with my baby belly, so I would definitely recommend sizing down. I think I'll have some pictures of it coming to the blog this week. I ended up wearing it on Saturday and got a ton of compliments!
...had a girl's brunch at Willow Room, which is such a cute little spot in Lincoln Park! I may have contemplated stealing their velvet barstools ;) There was lots of laughing and mimosas all around, but mine were virgin of course. I've still been staying away from the booze this pregnancy, but a glass of champagne (or really some red wine!) is starting to sound better and better.
...babysat Jeff's baby sister again, she's already getting so big (will be four months next week)! She's also getting smart, girlfriend has some serious FOMO and literally cried as soon as we brought her through the doorway of her room for bedtime - she wanted to stay up and hang out all night!
...drove out to the suburbs to have a Christmas brunch with Jeff's family at Medinah Country Club. Double brunch weekend! They had a huge buffet set up and you had better believe this pregnant lady filled up multiple plates, including some amazing chocolate chip banana pancakes.
...tricked Jeff into going to Target with me by saying we needed to buy gifts for my family's gift exchange, and then dragged him though every aisle while he frantically checked Bears game updates on his phone hahaha. I discovered the tiny Christmas trees I want to put all over our house (seen here) were back in stock and basically bought a mini forest ;) Oh, and I didn't actually manage to find a gift exchange gift. Sorry Jeff!

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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