Thursday, December 6, 2018

Pregnancy Update: Welcome to the Third Trimester!

I haven't been sharing a lot of true pregnancy updates in this little space, just tidbits here and there, so I thought I'd share how things have been going! I'm 28 weeks right now, so officially in the third trimester and according to most people in month seven. (If you haven't been pregnant before, the months thing doesn't really make sense and there are different definitions of when you're in each month!)

Second Trimester

The second trimester really was a breeze. Everyone says it's the easy part of pregnancy, and they were not wrong, I felt great for most of it! I also have been feeling the baby move all over the place from around week 22. Usually you can feel the baby earlier, but I have an anterior placenta which blocked the early kicks. So far it doesn't hurt, it just feels really weird. I called it "disconcerting" at first because it felt like there was something wrong with my body! Now I'm used to it and like feeling it (except when she kicks me right in the butt!), and Jeff has finally managed to feel a couple kicks too!

Pregnancy Symptoms

I did have some hip pain show up around week 20, which seems to be basically clockwork for that particular symptom. I figured out that it was worse because I'm actually too tall for my pregnancy pillow so my ankles were out of alignment. I put another pillow at my feet and it's been pretty much smooth sailing since then. This is my pregnancy pillow, even though it's too short for me I really like it because I don't have to move it around if I turn over!

The other thing I've been dealing with since around week 10 is terrible acne on my chin - like by far the worst of my life! I recently realized that it actually improved every time I travelled, and on each trip I wouldn't bring my night cream to save space. Well I cut out the night cream at home too and it seems to have gotten a lot better - fingers crossed it's done.


I've actually been a little disappointed that I haven't had any weird pregnancy cravings! I just want to send my husband out at night to buy me something crazy, is that so much to ask?! Really since I stopped with weird eating habits around week 16 (did I tell you I stopped eating meat for a while?! And eggs?!) I've mostly just been wanting all of the sugar! I normally wouldn't ever go out to buy a cookie or ice cream in the middle of a work day unless a coworker suggested it, but I've been going all the time lately! Beatrix is right by my office and their cookies are dangerous ;) I also am always in the mood for pancakes for breakfast, and normally I'm a savory breakfast kind of girl.

Naming our little girl

We still haven't decided on a name, but our short list has been narrowed down to three! I think I've mentioned it before, but we're having a tricky time with little girls names because we either dislike the nickname, or like the nickname but dislike the full name it goes with. We also are looking to avoid names or nicknames ending in a "y" since baby's last name will end in a "y." We're into classic names, so if you have any suggestions let us know!

The Third Trimester

Let me tell you, I am glad that we went to Hawaii when we did, because basically as soon as we got back I've been uncomfortable every day. I would die now if I had to go on a 9 hour plane ride! Either my back hurts or my hips hurt or my ribs hurt. Everything is just getting too squished in there! I honestly can't figure out a good way to sit and work besides changing my seat every hour. Whenever I'm home I have to take laying breaks, although that's a little weirder in the office ;)

While things have been getting harder, I weirdly love that my body is finally really starting to look pregnant! Since oversized tops are in fashion, a lot of my regular clothes still fit and I felt like I could still hide the bump up until a week or two ago. Now it's large and in charge though, there's no more hiding it!! I also swapped out my regular tees (they were starting to get too short!) to some with ruched sides which really show off the bump. I think it's because I've always carried more weight in my stomach, but I really like that I'm actually pregnant and can show off my stomach instead of trying to hide it!

Baby Girl is growing and is right on target according to the doc. We can't wait to meet her in February!!

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