Monday, December 3, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...had a little dinner date at Caro Mio - yay for giant servings of pasta! Remember how I said I hadn't wanted alcohol at all during my pregnancy? Well it turns out now I'm craving a big old glass of red wine, Jeff's looked so good during dinner! I sadly stuck with my Pellegrino though. There's only a few more months, I can make it!!
...went out to Target not once but twice looking for Christmas decorations!! And really, I hadn't actually been since before Thanksgiving, so I was long overdue for a Target binge ;) You can see some of what I came home with here. We also made our first Trader Joe's run in a few months and came home with basically everything in the freezer section (breaded cheese balls and cauliflower onion dip, yes please!) hahaha. Sometimes I go and nothing catches my eye, but this was not one of those trips.
...drove up to the burbs for a movie date with Jeff and my sister to see Crimes of Grindelwald. We're all Harry Potter nerds, so you know, it was basically required. Now while we still enjoyed the movie, we went out afterwards and spent the whole time talking about things we didn't like. It was a little rough and I think they tried to do a little too much in too little time. Anyone else see it?
...baked a batch of my favorite Christmas cookies! I've made these a bunch of times, and when I mixed up the dough this time it just didn't look right, so I figured they'd turn out bad. Nope, turns out they're the best I've ever made them, and the closest in taste to the ones my grandma makes! So now the question is, did I do something wrong to the recipe this time, or have I done something wrong every other time I've made them??

It was a little hard writing such an upbeat post, as we've gotten bad news about several of our friends and family members over the past few days. Sending positive thoughts their way and hoping all of you are well out there!

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