Thursday, December 20, 2018

Cream on Cream

Vest - Loft / Sweater - J.Crew Factory / Maternity Leggings (or my favorite non-maternity) - Blanqi / Flats - Sam Edelman / Bag - Tory Burch / Watch - Wristology / Sunglasses - c/o Sunglass Warehouse

Remember when I said if I wear a big sweater you sometimes can't tell I'm pregnant? Yep, this is one of those moments. Baby bump, where did you go?! 

Found ya! 

This vest just called to me last week (and was clearly delivered amazingly fast too). Normally I let items wallow on my secret Pinterest wish list or in the shopping cart for a while before I pull the trigger, but this one made it into my shopping cart and then a confirmed order before I even knew what was happening. I guess free shipping will do that to you sometimes! 

But really though, what's not to love? It's sherpa, the current "it" fabric, and so freaking cozy. Plus, unlike my sherpa pullovers, this will actually fit under my winter coats, and therefore actually be worn outside of the house. I did order a large which is my typical non-pregnant size at Loft and it's still a little roomy, so definitely size down! 

You could wear it with a simple long sleeve tee and keep the look really casual or even outdoorsy, but when this vest gets matchy matchy with a cream sweater, it instantly elevates the look. Pairing two textures in the same color always adds depth and richness to an outfit, and I love the cream on cream for winter. 

If you're looking for something to wear for Christmas next week, just add a red lip or some red earrings (or heck, even red nails like I'm doing here) and you're golden. But unlike all of my super festive red plaid items in my closet, it'll work really well for the rest of winter too. 

Christmas for us really starts tonight. We have a Christmas party tonight in the city, and then Saturday we're heading up to my parents to see my family and then to head to another party with some family friends. I'm most excited for Saturday though because my brother and his family flew into town for Christmas all the way from South Korea!! Which means not only do I get to see my brother and his wifey, but also meet their baby girl for the first time! They visited back in June when my sister in law was pregnant, and their daughter was born at the beginning of September. I've been dying to hold that little cutie myself! 

Since the holiday weekend really starts for us tonight, I'm going to start my Christmas vacation from blogging today too. If I'm feeling particularly ambitious there may be a post next week, but I'm guessing things will be quiet here through New Year's. Have a great week, and I'll see you in 2019!!

Vest - Loft / Sweater - J.Crew Factory / Maternity Leggings (or my favorite non-maternity) - Blanqi / Flats - Sam Edelman / Bag - Tory Burch / Watch - Wristology / Sunglasses - c/o Sunglass Warehouse

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