Monday, December 10, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went to see Yippie Ki-Yay Merry Christmas, a musical comedy show one of our friends wrote a few years ago that's getting bigger every year! This is actually the first time I've seen it (most of our friends go every year) and it was hilarious, I almost died during a song about the FBI and America. Very glad I watched Die Hard ahead of time though since it's a parody!
...had a bunch of friends over for a white elephant party and ended up with a coozie that's connected to a remote control so you can find where you set down your drink at a party, lollllllllllll. That's a white elephant for you! It was really fun to have everyone over and see a few of the kiddos that came, including our friend's brand new baby girl!! My hormones must be working because I am so baby crazy right now haha, she was just the sweetest.
...went to my first baby shower for me!! My sister and mom threw it and it was so cute, the theme was "Baby It's Cold Outside" and there was a fun little hot chocolate bar set up, and of course the donut wall we have to have at every party now (like my sister's sprinkle and my SIL's baby shower). Now that we have a ton of new baby gear (thanks so much everyone!!) this whole baby thing is feeling a lot more real - only two and a half months out now!!!

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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