Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Favorites: Sevilla

We were really only in Sevilla for about forty hours total, but I absolutely loved it.  Sevilla is much more laid back and relaxed, which was a nice reprieve between Barcelona and Marrakech.

To Explore:
We stayed in the Old Quarter, which is where basically all of the major tourist things to do are located. It was really nice to be within walking distance of everything we wanted to do, and the neighborhood is absolutely beautiful, one charming street after the next.  We also spent our first afternoon across the river in Triana, which has a gorgeous view of the city and some yummy riverfront restaurants.

To see: 
The bull ring, the cathedral, Alcazar, there's tons to do and see in Sevilla.  We especially enjoyed the view from the top of Giralda, the tower in the cathedral.  We did not enjoy the 42 ramps you have to walk up to get to the top of the bell tower (they used ramps so that they could ride their horses to the top of the tower instead of walking), but were amused by all of the dads pushing their kids in strollers to the top.  Also, if you're visiting the city, make sure to buy tickets to a flamenco show.  We also enjoyed the tour of the bull ring, but in case you didn't realize it, the point of a bull fight is to kill the bull.  No, I didn't realize it.  

Bonus: we found Christopher Columbus' tomb by accident inside the cathedral.  Maybe it wouldn't have been a surprise had I read any guide books about Sevilla.

To eat:
I'm pretty sure while we were in Sevilla, we only sat down for one full meal.  Instead, we went on a mini tapas tour of the city, and got a few tapas (and lots of Sangria) at each restaurant.  Our favorites were:

Genova: Their menu includes Chicken "Lollipops" with glazed almonds and mustard sauce.  This is the one place we actually stopped in twice because the boy loved these so much.

El Pasaje: We stayed here for several glasses of sangria as well as the bull burger and some other unusual tapas from their specials.  Just a note, the maps had this one marked in the wrong spot, we wandered for ten minutes looking for it before realizing it was right around the corner from our hotel.

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  1. Oh my goshhhhhh! Everything is just gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Sevilla looks incredible, I would love to visit with my boyfriend.


  3. Such gorgeous pictures! Looks beautiful, like you had an amazing time.

    xo Dina

    Sweetest Somethings

  4. Oh my goodness these photos! I just wish I could travel there!

    The Purse Snatcher