Monday, May 7, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...was supposed to go to a baby shower for my friend Emily, and thought I was going still when I wrote that post on Thursday night, but Jeff's dad ended up eloping on Saturday! So that really was our weekend instead. Jeff and I were the only people invited (plus their photographer), and really, Jeff was the officiant, so it was really small and intimate. I ended up filling the roles of guest, ring bearer and videographer ;) They got married down by Adler Planetarium where there are beautiful city views (it's actually where we did some of our engagement photos) and went in the morning before the crowds showed up. After the ceremony and a few pictures, we headed to The Langham for brunch, which was beautiful, and really, one of the best breakfasts I've ever had. Then the celebration continued with a bigger group at Joe's Stone Crab - yum!
...went out for an early birthday dinner for Jeff at Tortoise Club, which I've had on my restaurant list forever - basically purely because of the name ;) Dinner was great though, and we finished it off with a boozy milkshake. which, really, is how all milk shakes should be.
...met up with a bunch of our friends for day drinks on the patio at Ranallis, and it got me so excited for Summertime Chi!! Patio weather really is the best weather.
...drove out to the suburbs for a big family dinner at my grandma's house to celebrate a few more birthdays and got to preview what the rest of our week will be like. My sister is pregnant and is being induced on Wednesday, so Jeff and I are heading up on Tuesday night (after another birthday dinner for Jeff - what a lucky guy ;) to be baby sitters for our niece Mae for the rest of the week. It turns out our sternest parent voices don't affect her at all, so she might be running the show.

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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