Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Little Lilac

Wrap - LOFT / Tee - J. Crew Factory / Jeans - J. Crew / Shoes - Nordstrom / Necklace - Tiffany's / Bag (similar here and here, I also love this one!)  - Ann Taylor

I'm all about the wraps in winter, but scarves (or kimonos or ruanas or wraps or whatever you want to call them) have never been on my radar for warm weather. I really didn't get it - I mean, it's already hot, why would you add another layer? 

Oh duhhhh, because there's such a thing as a light layer! 

I mean really, this particular wrap is so lightweight and breezy it's like you're wearing nothing, but it adds so much dimension to an outfit. This particular wrap is actually completely open on the sides so you can wear it as a scarf if you so choose. I'm definitely planning on bringing it on all of our upcoming trips since it's so versatile! 

Oh and speaking of all of those upcoming trips, I realized that this weekend is basically our last weekend without plans for almost two months (!!) so I'm planning on relaxing it up! I'm basically the queen of couch time, and I'm looking forward to sneaking a lot of that in. We've also got a little dinner date in the works - and probably some cocktails too ;) 

Wrap - LOFT / Tee - J. Crew Factory / Jeans - J. Crew / Shoes - Nordstrom / Necklace - Tiffany's / Bag (similar here and here, I also love this one!)  - Ann Taylor

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