Monday, May 21, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...went out on a little dinner date with Jeff at Bad Hunter. I thought it was a vegetarian restaurant, but really it's "veg-forward" (lolllll pretentious much?) so there were actually were a bunch of meat options too. I was a little apprehensive but had heard great things, and really I surprisingly loved everything - especially the fry bread with burrata! Of course, I'm pretty sure burrata is my favorite food ;)
...met Jeff's co-workers out for drinks at Green Street Smoked Meats. I've been a few times for barbecue and it's always crazy crowded, but it turns out these guys go there for beers (they have a great beer list!) and just get there early. Okay, really early, they may have texted me to meet them at 2:30 on Friday afternoon ;)
...drove out to the mall to return a few things and actually bought some stuff, including this blazer-cardigan - it'll be perfect for chilly offices this summer! I say "actually bought things" because I never ever shop in malls any more - do you? I just really prefer to shop from the comfort of my home!
...planned an amazingly early date night with Jeff - we were home by 8! We wanted to go to Spacca Napoli, an amazing Italian pizza place by our house, but it always has a crazy line. So, me being me, I suggested we head there at 5:30. It worked perfectly, the restaurant was somehow already crowded but we still got sat right away, and it looked like everyone coming in after us had to wait. After dinner we walked over to The Sixth for a fancy cocktail but decided we were done after one and went back home to watch movies on the couch. Jeff let me watch Easy A, bless him.
...had my family over for dinner on Sunday, which meant lots of cuddles from my new nephew Clark - he's such a little cutie!! We made these little individual deep dish cookies for dessert, and let me tell you, they are quickly turning into my favorite things to make for a party! You make the dough ahead of time, and then when you sit down to dinner you put them in the oven. Twenty minutes later, you have amazingness.

I hope you had a good one!

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