Thursday, May 24, 2018

Try-On Session: LOFT

I keep ordering things from LOFT and then ran into the store last week, so I have lots of goodness to share with you! I actually tried on a few more things in stores but can't find them online for the life of me! So I'll go ahead and share them if they become available. 

Me in this picture: I don't need a kimono I don't need a kimono I don't need a kimono ;) 

But really I love this. I thought based on the photos online that it wouldn't be soft, but it's really a soft, knit material. I grabbed the xs/s size - I suggest always going for the smaller size for kimonos/wraps because they are typically so large. It's currently sitting in my shopping cart waiting for the sale I assume is coming this weekend.

This is so cute and super soft in person. The entire side is basically a side slit though, so know that whatever you wear underneath is super visible. The top is really cropped in the smaller sizes but gets larger as you size up. I'm in a large here which has a great length, but the medium was way too short. 

I'm wearing these in the outfit above too, they're really comfortable and fit true to size. I thought the way they're cut isn't the best for me though, they're smaller in the waist and really large in the leg openings. 

I love this blazer too, so freaking cute!! I only own black and navy blazers, so I'd love to have a grey option. The sleeves were too short (hence the roll), but online it comes in a tall also. I grabbed a 14 which is my typical size. I'd love to have this in the office for when the air conditioner is blasting, but I think it would also be really cute dressed down with a tee and shorts. 

I've been looking for a pair of light wash jeans to wear with warm weather tops but have come up empty so far. I love the little bit of distressing on these, but the crop is just too short on me. The fit is true to size. 

I thought this skirt was adorable and fit true to size. It just isn't quite for my body type, you can see that it's trying to give me hips. So so pretty for summer though, I love the slightly longer length. 

These shorts are so freaking adorable. I love the little ruffle, they look more like a mini skirt in real life. They are a little bit of a dressier fabric which I love. I tucked in my tank here so you could see them, but I don't think I would really tuck in real life. They do have a side zip and fit true to size. 

I freaking love this top. It's light and airy, the fit is slightly over-sized (wearing a large here) and the crochet detailing is oh so cute. I wore it with regular denim over the weekend, but would love to pair it with white shorts. 

Another try for light wash jeans. These ones are actually an okay length on me and are comfortable, but I accidentally bought them two sizes too big. 

This top is lightweight and I love the pom poms, but the cut is a little problematic. The straps are way too long on me but there isn't a good place where it looks like they could be tailored. Plus the boob gap in the front... not cute! Wearing an XL here. 

I love the light blue color and the eyelet, and there s a really pretty trim along the neck and arm holes. I'm wearing my typical dress size here and I just wasn't thrilled with the shape on me so thi swent back.

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