Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Long Weekend in Michigan

We drove up to Michiana, Michigan for Memorial Day Weekend with Jeff's family, and let me tell you, it may have changed my opinion on where I would want to vacation. Growing up my family always roadtripped up to northern Wisconsin or to the boundary waters in Minnesota, which was beautiful but far - we're talking a 10 hour roadtrip. Michigan though? Turns out you can get there from Chicago in an hour and a half (even less for Jeff's brother in the South Loop!) which is incredible for a girl who thinks that Wicker Park is too far away to ever consider visiting ;)

I had no idea really what to expect, but we were basically staying in the woods surrounded by hills, just a quick five minute walk to the beach! There were beautiful sunsets over the lake, gorgeous houses to google and discover that no, we can never afford them, some cute restaurants, and vineyards and tasting rooms that actually had good wine. We loved Stop 50 for pizza and had an amazing afternoon at Dablon Winery out on the patio at splitting a couple bottles of wine and a cheese tray. I also loved the afternoon we spent down at the beach listening to the waves, although I was the only one brave enough to go in for a swim.

Top / Glitter Cup (walktail not included ;)

The only downside? We were staying literally blocks from the Indiana/Michigan border which meant we had no idea what time it was all weekend - our phones kept switching between Eastern and Central time! It was particularly disconcerting to discover we all got up at 6:30 one morning without realizing - who are we?!

We're actually heading off with Jeff's family again on Saturday for a week at the beach down near St. Augustine, Florida! Nothing like back-to-back vacations to kick off the summer ;)

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