Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nursery Design

One of the first things I started thinking about when we found out that we're having a girl (after I finished going down the Instagram ad rabbit hole of cute baby girl clothing!) was what we would do for the nursery. We live in a three bedroom condo, with a master and two smaller bedrooms on the lower level, one of which is Jeff's office and one of which is my office/craft room/the guest room. Even though on paper it sounds like Jeff would be the one to lose his space, basically as soon as we moved in we decided that my room would be the one that would be converted when we had kids. Mostly because Jeff is actually in his office working every day, and I use my space mainly for laying sweaters flat to dry and work from the living room couch instead ;)

We actually are going to try keeping the nursery as the guest space also. We very rarely host overnight guests since both of our families live nearby (I'm talking four people ever) and have a pullout couch which is going to stay in the room. I also already have a neutral rug (very similar to what's pictured below) that was incredibly cheap that we'll keep in there until it gets gross.

Call me crazy, but we aren't getting a glider or rocker. I know, I know. I guess we'll really see once the room is finally pulled together, but we just don't have the space in the baby's room for another piece. The couch (with a comfy ottoman/poof) will have to function in place of one in the baby's room, and we have a chair that rocks in our living room. What I've heard from other moms is that since the baby won't be sleeping in the nursery at first anyway, it's not as important to have a rocker/glider in the baby's room as long as we have one somewhere else. Worse comes to worse, if we realize OMG THIS ISN'T WORKING once the baby gets here, we'll order one then - I like that this one converts into a regular chair!

The crib and dresser you see below are what we already ordered, and some very nice delivery men came and assembled them last week! I was going to wait to order them, but they were both on an amazing sale so I thought I'd just snag them while I could. We also ordered the crib conversion kit.

So here you have it, all of the blush and neutrals!

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