Friday, October 18, 2013

Easy Halloween Costume: Tiger

Usually for Halloween I'll try to dress up as something creative or add a twist to my costume, like the year I was Tinkerbell "on Pixie Dust" (ahem).  Other years, I just feel like being cute.  Hence, the tiger.

Step one:  Find an orange tee shirt and orange leggings.  What, you can't find orange leggings in a normal store?  Don't worry, American Apparel can help.  If desired, cut said tee shirt into a v-neck, and use the extra fabric to make some tiger ears (attached to a headband, of course).

Step two:  Find a picture of a tiger print online.  Use a permanent marker to vaguely approximate said print all over the place.  Use cardboard in the middle of the shirt/leggings to avoid bleed through.

Step three: Admire your handywork.

Pssst, looks like I was trying on the old Carebear costume too...

Step four: Tease your hair like nobody's business.  Ask a friend to draw on a nose and whiskers before the party starts.

Step five: Find some other cats (hats optional).

Step six: Get them to pose "fierce" with you in the streets.

And congrats!  You've had a successful Halloween.

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  1. This is so cute! What a great easy affordable costume!


  2. This is adorable–you look so cute!

  3. Love it! Such a fun, easy costume, also like the idea of going with other cats - can I come with as Grumpy Cat?

  4. Haha love this! Fierceness required obviously.

  5. That is such a great costume, and easy too! I need to figure out what I will be this Halloween, Im running out of time.


  6. The tiger stripes are adorable!
    xx lexi @ glitter, inc.

  7. These photos are sooo cute! I love the tiger and leopard together :)


  8. Great idea! I especially loved the teased hair :P

  9. I love you even thought about your hair for the costume!