Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June Budget

So I said I was going to look for some summery tanks and tees in June.  Whoops.  The navy top is a sweatshirt material, which isn't really summery, so really all I managed was two $5 tees from Old Navy.  Instead I got a couple more skirts (note to self: stop. buying. skirts.), a maxi that's proved to be super versatile, the perfect little red dress that I might wear to a wedding this summer (once I confirm with the bridesmaids that they are not, in fact, wearing red, since I know the colors are red and black), and this convertible clutch that I am basically in love with (exhibit A).

Here's the damage for June:

JCrew Shirt: originally $75.00, on sale $26.99
Loft Lace Skirt: originally $79.50, on sale $19.99
Gap Maxi Dress: originally $74.95, on sale $44.97, used rewards $32.97
Sunday in Brooklyn Red Dress: originally $79.00, on sale $59.25
JCrew Factory Printed Skirt: originally $69.50, on sale $28.92
Ann Taylor Bag: $78.00
Old Navy White Tee: originally $9.50, on sale $5.00

Not Pictured:
Old Navy Peach Tee: originally $9.50, on sale $5.00

Total Spent: $256.12
Total Saved: $218.83

So under budget once again!  To be fair, I was actually over budget for a while, but didn't want to have to come on here and say I was over so decided to return something I didn't end up loving.

Holy cow, we're halfway through 2014 already.  My $300 budget has been working out pretty well so far.  Here's how I've done over the previous five months:

January: $431.92
February: $263.22
March: $281.80
April: $270.70
May: $266.42

Total spent so far in 2014: $1,770.18

Which means I'm currently under budget for the year by a grand total of $29.82, so I'm basically right on track.

I'm not sure how I'll do coming up in July.  Since I'm currently riding the unemployment train, I'm going to try to only buy things I need.  Like a killer interview outfit, and new shoes for the gym to appease my physical therapist.  Hopefully I can manage to stay way under budget!

How did you do for June?

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  1. Great buys! I especially love the J Crew pieces - that skirt is so gorgeous!

    Bold Subtlety

  2. That bag! Love it!

  3. So many pretty things! I love those skirts, and the dresses, and well, everything haha.

  4. haha I love that posting the budget holds us accountable - I totally returned stuff in June because i didnt want to be over budget either!


  5. Ooh, the maxi dress and red dress that you got are both so great! I didn't link up this month because I didn't buy anything! Woooo!